16 July 2008

Easy Peasy Zinnias

This year we planted a few kinds of zinnias from seed.

The first photo is a new bed at the back of our 2 acre plot. The cosmos is going to seed for the birds, but you can see the zinnias mixed in the bed.
Also in this new bed are Asclepias, marigold, castor bean, Bishop's weed, hibiscus, and a few other butterfly and skipper friendly plants.

My eventual goal is to make that
back area into a Monarch Butterfly
station for October when they
migrate through our area.

These little button zinnias are
very rewarding! They produce
dozens of flowers on each plant
and require nothing except a little water and weeding.

The spider zinnias are at least 3-feet tall
with the first blooms on the top.
All the zinnias are from Renee's and this photo is
from her website. I got the seeds last spring but just put them in pots about 5 days ago.
They are up and should have plenty of time to
develop into the fall pick-me-up our flower
beds always need by September.


Bobbi said...

Nice photos! Zinnias and cosmos are some of my favorite flowers - they are so prolific!

Molly Day said...

I used to have a lot of trouble with zinnias and mildew on the bottom leaves.
So far this year they have been clean.

Which size zinnias do you grow?

Bobbi said...

I usually grow a variety of zinnias because I like to enter them in the county fair.

Thanks for visiting my gardening site. The river birch tree is supposed to be hardy to zone 4.

Molly Day said...

Would you be willing to say which zinnia varieties and your preferred seed vendor?

I'm asking because I find Renee's Garden, Johnny's Selected and Baker Creek have the best germination for our garden conditions but I'm always searching ....