13 July 2008

Flora and Fauna

I set out with the camera this morning to get photos for this week's column on the new book, Good Bug Bad Bug. It's a great book and my conversation with author, Jessica Walliser was a delight.
This Swallowtail beauty sat on the grass in front of me long enough to show off for the camera.

By the way, click on What's That Bug to identify butterflies you see around your place.

It is annoying how many Bradford Pear trees the birds plant on our place. Some of them escape our notice until they are too big to easily remove. They are making fruit now and I have to admit that they are very pretty. Last night's rain was still on the berries when I captured this shot.

John Leonard, co-owner of Organic Gardens said in this week's email, "At the present time we are planting nearly 2 dozen varieties of fall crops including: winter squashes (I'm talkin' some crazy lookin' stuff!), pumpkins, cabbage, broccoli, & cauliflower. We'll cross our fingers, say a prayer, & go from there!"

What seeds are you planting?

This weekend I started seeds in pots: German pumpkin from Inge our German cousin, Black Seeded Simpson lettuce, mesclun, gourds from Jan at Hungry Holler, Apricot Blush Zinnia from Renee, and something else.

I keep trying to remember to put out some Morning Glory seeds along the back fence for late fall bloom.

We did a lot of pruning and trimming this weekend. The Walker's Low was cut back by half, even though the bees were dancing on the remaining flowers. Also, as I cut off the tops of the iris, frogs jumped out and gave me a look so I made little piles of cuttings for them to stay cool under until they find a new place to hang out.


Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Loved the photos. I would like to interview her too sometime. I don't think people understand about the ecosystem that is their gardens. I'm not planting anything new right now. Just keeping it all alive.

Maybe Bear and I will plant some pumpkin seeds. That would be fun.~~Dee

Martha said...

Thanks for stopping by.

Plant pumpkin seeds but also look at those Wings and Warts cute things for fall/Halloween.

I just read about coffee grounds providing nitrogen to the soil ONLY if they are composted.

We all have so much to learn about healthy soil.

Keep learning, M