Today's Garden Lilies

Today's Garden

There is little we can do in the garden until the water goes down. Yesterday's experience of being up to my ankles in mud was enough for me. The Muck Boots stayed in the bed - it was the only way to extricate my feet. Then there was the exciting adventure of reaching back into the cucumber bed to pull out the shoes.
The various fertilizers have washed away and the water preserving crystals so carefully put into the potted plants two months ago have floated to the top and are dripping over the sides of the pots.
Enjoy the photos. Plant sources: The double tiger came from the Old House Gardens catalog, that dark red day lily is from Nelson Myers in Muskogee, the others came with me from California ten years ago and were grown by a hybridizer there.


Whyite said…
Very nice flowers.

Tired of sloshing in the rain and not being able to mow my shaggy lawn.
Molly Day said…
Most people's lawns look just plain awful right now. We splash when we walk back to the compost....mosquito heaven.
Little vegetable transplants are popping their roots out of the ground to try to prevent drowning.

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