Summer Produce, PAN Pesticide Database, Contest for Garden Lovers

Cucumbers by the bagful every day, cucumber salad twice a day, bags of cucumbers given away. Ah, wonderful summer. The first two tomatoes joined us for lunch even though they could have benefited from another two days on the vine. I couldn't wait. The scallopini summer squash has made its way into casseroles.

Pulling weeds today was a breeze if you don't mind standing in 2-inches of water. The fun part was pulling small trees out by the roots simply by tugging on them and sliding them out of the mud.


The PAN Pesticides Database is a one-stop location for current toxicity and regulatory information for pesticides. This resource is a project of Pesticide Action Network North America.

The Pesticide Chemical Search page allows you search for individual chemical active ingredients. Formulated pesticide products typically contain mixtures of active ingredients and other ingredients. Active ingredients are listed on the labels of all U.S. pesticide products. If you wish to search for a product by trade name instead, use the Product Search Page. Some of our top chemical searches: 2,4-D, atrazine, carbaryl (Sevin), chlordane, chlorpyrifos (Dursban), cypermethrin, DDT, dioxin, DEET, deltamethrin, diazinon, fipronil, glyphosate (Roundup), imidacloprid, lindane, malathion, methyl bromide, paraquat, permethrin, pyrethrins. You can view an alphabetical list of chemicals.

Kitchen Gardeners International and Mother Earth News joined together to put on a contest with a $500 first prize. The guidelines and rules are open or fuzzy, depending on your point of view. Grow-Off Show-Off
invites gardeners to submit photos, songs, video clips, stand up comedy skit, art - whatever represents your gardening skill. Entries must be sent by November 1, so you still have time to think, create, emote and submit. You have to use an official entry form available at the link above.


Whyite said…
The cukes and tomatoes are growing here as well. do not have any cukes to harvest yet, we have loads of green tomatoes. Just waiting on them to ripen. and with no chemicals.
Duchess said…
The Phoenix refers to the new location for the Farmers Market in Muskogee, but I don't see it advertised. Where is the new location???

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