Flowers, Onions, Edamame, Greens and Berries

Flowers keep erupting from the little packs of seeds I planted in the front bed. They were all seeds from those free packs that come in the mail. Other than the bright orange California poppy, they remain without identification. I hope they re-seed. Maybe by next year I'll have found out what they are.
This was a big weekend in our yard - the piles of limbs from the ice storm are all burned now - it took 6 days of burning to dispose of them. All manner of wildlife had taken up housekeeping in those piles - box turtles, rabbits, snakes - all were displaced by the cleanup.

The red onions, pak choi and some mystery green were pulled yesterday and today. The greens were fabulous as part of our meals and the red onions are cleaned and spread out to dry.

The cool weather garden had to go in order to make room for edamame. The plants grew to 6 or 8 inches tall. I amended the soil with a variety of things and completed the transition from spring to summer. If the bunnies don't eat the heads off the edamame again this year we will be enjoying them as a great summer treat.

A friend was here today while I hung strips of flashing silver paper on onto the blackberry branches to distract the birds from the fruit. She said that the birds will use the silver surface as a mirror rather than a distraction from the sweetness of the blackberries. "Oh, doesn't my beak look grand today," the bird would say. "And, now for a snack." Oh, well, I have to at least try.
The 200 little plants I grew for the Muskogee Garden Club Garden Tour June 9 and 10 are benefiting from the sun finally coming out. They may be ready to plant in a week or two. Hopefully, your ventures and adventures in the garden are making you happy.


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