Old House Garden Bulbs, Parks Seed, Spicebush Caterpillar Update

The red lily on the left is one of the new additions to our garden from Old House Gardens. There were several additions and each one has seemed remarkable in bloom. The wonder of these bulbs is that they seem to take care of themselves after they are planted. The stems are strong and the flowers are breathtaking.

The Spicebush Butterfly Chrysalis was on the side of the container last night but gone this morning. A search of the immediate area yielded nothing so there are two possible outcomes. Either the butterfly emerged and flew away or another insect used the Chrysalis as a late night snack. The photo of the leaves folded over is where the next generation of tiny caterpillars hangs out during the daytime heat and the photo on the right is one of the youngsters.

It's easy to get into looking for new plants in new places. It may come as a surprise that the wonderful whirl of a succulent in the planter came from good, old, reliable Park Seeds and not one of the many new companies. The information on the plant predicts growth to a 12-inch wheel at full size.

A few other plants were in my shipment and I'll keep you posted on how they do as they adjust to their new surroundings.

If you use the link and click over to Park, look on the left side of their website for the web specials, new items, Park exclusives and their sales. Good stuff.

If you are local to Muskogee Oklahoma and are coming to the Garden Club Centennial Garden Tour this weekend you will find lots of treats for plant lovers. At the Community Garden near 435 North 14th Street the vendors will have plenty to look at if not buy. And, the home gardens you will see are wonderful. All the gardens were done by the home owners - no landscaping company demonstration gardens - all plants you can grow and arrangements that you can make at your house.
See you there if you can make it. See you back here if you can't.


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