09 June 2007

Daylily Season, Routine Watering

Gardens around Muskogee are blooming with daylilies and Asiatics - one more beautiful than the next. It's too late to put them into this year's garden but do take advantage of the many sales to buy some for next year.

Muskogee Garden Club's tour attracted hundreds of people today and tomorrow will be as busy. The plant sale allowed attendees to take home flowers, vegetables and herbs from club member's gardens for a small price.
I was too busy with the sale to visit any gardens today but I met lots and lots of plant lovers. Tomorrow I want to go to all the tour homes and take a look inside some of the historic homes that are open.

This is the time to check on fruit trees, grapes, kiwi and plants such as hydrangeas that might need watering - they won't show any signs of water deprivation but we haven't had any rain for a while so if the soil is dry two inches down, give them an inch of water.

At the district Master Gardener Conference in Claremore, Mesonet gave a presentation - they have new software for gardeners that will be available in 3 weeks. You will be able to go to their website for specific watering advice. The idea is to use as little water as possible while still keeping plants healthy. I'll give you the site specifics when it's online.

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