Local Produce, Muskogee's Farmer's Market Wed and Sat

A few photos from our yard.
There are several good reasons to buy produce locally grown - not in sealed plastic cocoons in the big box store nor produce wrapped in plastic from foreign countries.

Consider these reasons: Locally grown products support your friends and neighbors in making a living, local sellers are more likely to concern themselves with selling high quality products so you'll return, the less fuel used to transport food makes it an environmentally sound habit, foreign countries do not have the same regulations as the U.S. regarding chemicals and fertilizers and sanitation.

Author Michael Pollan recently found that foods produced in China and labeled organic were loaded with pesticides and chemicals.

We are lucky here to have Arnold's on Shawnee Bypass and the Muskogee Farmer's Market - both are great resources for local food.

There are other local favorites, too. One is a small home based produce shed on Highway 10 between Ft. Gibson and Camp Gruber. It's open in the summer and has a great selection of fruits and vegetables from their farm and other local sources. There are probably several known only to locals. Someone told me they always get their corn from a guy near Warner who puts up a sign.

To answer a reader's question - At this time of year, Muskogee Farmer's Market is held Wed and Sat from 8 a.m. to about noon. (Go early to get the best selection.) The Civic Center's front parking lot was reconstructed to house the Farmer's Market and other events. It is on Okmulgee near 4th Street. The market director, Doug Walton usually runs a column in the Wed Phoenix listing what will be available and provides a few recipes..

Eat more fruits and veggies and buy them from local producers. Without our business they suffer and then we are stuck with only the picked green and shipped a thousand miles stuff.


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