Hydroponics and healthy plant roots

A reader asked about the plants grown in the Chia Gourmet Herb Garden as seen in thisYouTube video ad.

The question is do the plants' roots in the commercial have enough room to be healthy?

The way the growing sponge works is that it wicks the roots with water drawn from the sponge. Basically, the herbs are grown hydroponically, i.e., in a water world.

Growing seeds in sponges in a hydroponic setting is common. Click here to see an eHow video by Yolanda Vanveen on growing tomatoes in a similar way.

The water has to be kept fresh and fertilized since the plants can't reach out into the soil for nutrients. And, the plants still have their usual sunlight and temperature requirements.

Any more tips on hydroponics and growing seeds in sponges for a fellow reader?


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