Birds to Watch in Oklahoma

Now that you have a few bird feeders up and filled, there are several resources that will help identify just what you are seeing.

For families, observing and charting birds is an educational and fun activity during the winter.

The only book I know of that is dedicated to Oklahoma birds is Lone Pine's Compact Guide to Oklahoma Birds by Scott Seltman, Gregory Kennedy, Krista Kagume and Ted Cable.

The publisher, Lone Pine, has bird books for Canada and most U.S. states.
Here's their link.

On the Internet there are several places to find bird identification help.

Bill Horn's Birds of Oklahoma

The Oklahoma version of network

Oklahoma birds and birding locations

Oklahoma Ornithological Society
dates and locations of bird count events

Oklahoma Winter Birds at OK Wildlife Department

Oklahoma Birds and Butterflies

There may be others. Let us know what you use to identify birds in your yard.


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