18 December 2011

Boxwood Blight in eastern U.S.

The Connecticuit Agricultural Station reports that they received boxwood samples with signs of blight in Ocotber. They sent the samples to the USDA APHIS PPQ, and box blight was the confirmed diagnosis.

From the list of effected boxwoods, it looks like all boxwoods have a chance of getting blight. The list includes japonica, microphylla, sempervirens and sincica.

Here's a link to the Conn Ag Station report.

Initial Symptoms - dark lesions on leaves followed by defoliation. Then, dark cankers appear on the stems.
Tsubo-en Zen-garden diary

A fungicide spray is recommended for prevention, not cure. Recommended fungicides include chlorothalonil and mancozeb.

Take a look at the photos on the link to the original article and then go check your boxwoods.

Also, go to Piet M Patings blog (link below box blight photo on left) where he talks about blight in his Zen garden. This is a gorgeous and inspiring website.

You will find a lot of good information about box at that link!


Anonymous said...

Really, thank you very much for this info. We grow and use all varieties of boxwood and I have not seen this as of yet, but am pretty sure it will likely find its way here. I will pass this on to our Extension officer.

Martha said...

It really caught my attention because I'm gradually pulling out unsuccessful plantings in favor of boxwoods varieties.
So, sulphur spray for boxwoods will be part of the late winter routine here.

Patrick's Garden said...

I uncovered your blog via Garden Walk, Garden Talk. I haven't heard of this malady. I hope it doesn't travel to the Midwest. Important post.

Martha said...

I know what you mean, PG.

We were talking today about adding boxwoods to our list of late-winter sulphur spraying, along with the euonomyus, fruit, etc.

Glad you found me!