The Heirloom Life Gardener by Jere & Emilee Gettle

The authors of  "The Heirloom Life Gardener",  Jere and Emilee Gettle, are lifelong gardeners and the co-founders of the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company.
`The Heirloom Life Gardner' is designed to help you/me/all vegetable lovers grow organic food.

Baker Creek specializes in heirloom seeds so the emphasis is on those old fashioned varieties.

Topics include collecting and saving seeds, how to garden, soil development, mulching, disease control, pest management and kitchen tips for your harvest.

As with their catalog, the book is beautifully illustrated.

The Baker Creek catalog is positively gorgeous. If you are not on their mailing list, here's the link to get one. They sell 2 million seed packs a year!

The Gettle's interview with NPR is at this link. You can read it or listen to it online.

The growing guide is 129 pages of the book's 240-pages. It includes help for growing plants from amaranth to watermelon. Reading through it will help you decide which seeds to order from their catalog of 1400 plus offerings.

$30 list and $18 at online book sellers. Hardcover: 240 pages. Publisher: Hyperion (October 4, 2011)


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