This Year Make Your Holiday Table Decorations With Mother Nature

TULSA HERB SOCIETY Carols and Crumpets, Dec 4, from 8 to 3

Tulsa Herb Society Craft sale
Tulsa Garden Center
2435 South Peoria AV
Snowflake Café open for lunch 11 to 2

Information Patsy Wynn 918-496-8019

At their annual Herbal Holiday Tablescapes event last week, Tulsa Herb Society members demonstrated that one-of-a-kind holiday decorations are as close as your closets and the back yard. They used colorful combinations of family treasures, gourds, fresh and dried herbs, pine cones, flowers, seashells, and found objects to decorate a dozen tables.

Some of their ideas are simple and classic. For example, bouquets of fresh herbs were put into a collection of cow creamers to use at each place setting, a pomegranate was placed on top of the bread plate, native nuts and gold clematis seeds were artfully strewn across a tabletop.

A fall harvest luncheon tabletop used climbing ferns to wrap tall candlesticks and freshly clipped sage and parsley to surround the base.

Gourds were wrapped with colored mesh and topped with sprigs of rosemary and ivy.

Vickie Barbour and Jane Bolze created a children’s Santa Table with a snowman theme. The table featured a snowman balloon from Barbour's balloon business, plastic ware, nuts and holly, and snowman napkin rings made by Bolze.

Go out in the yard and pick what you have, said Barbour. You can use holly, branches with berries, nuts and seed pods.

At a Christmas table, drummer boy candlestick holders were filled with fresh herbs and a rosemary tree was circled with fresh, red, carnations. The table top and chairs were decorated with 72-inch by 26-inch red plaid scarves, plus pine cones, bows and beads.

The Christmas Brunch table by Patty Moore featured a small sled topped with a nativity scene in clear glass, herbs and oil lamps.

Moore said, We live our history and we use several generations of decorations including our grandmother's quilt as the table cover.

The oriental themed table included items gathered in the orient and decor from three generations of family members.

Reach into your imagination and your cabinets and pull things out, said decorators, Mari Migliore and Julie Knebel. We went to each other’s houses and said, yes we need that. Start by pulling out things you enjoy and build the table from there.

For the Woodland Christmas table, Eve Joseph made clove-studded orange pomanders and stacked them into a tier. For the napkin rings, she used tiny birds’ nests from a craft store, fresh rosemary and cinnamon sticks.

At a Rhapsody in Blue breakfast table, a blue and yellow quilt was the tablecloth and the centerpiece was filled with fresh herbs, and yellow flowers. Blue Willow dishes and blue glassware with yellow napkins completed the theme.

Tina Messick's Harvest Luncheon was inspired by a rural, fall harvest theme. Messick is one of 12 children so her table top holds generations of memories and collections. Her table was covered with chickens, roosters, fresh flowers and herbs.

My mother collects the cow creamers and I have my own collection, said Messick. I go to estate sales to add to my sterling silver and dish collections.

Even the abundant refreshment table was decorated. Linda Connor used a birdbath, birdhouse, purple peas, lemon peppers and painted twigs from her back yard as the foundation of a tiered centerpiece.

THS members have been busy making crafts, jams and jellies for the annual Carols and Crumpets event. This year it will be held on Saturday, December 4 from 8 to 3 at the Tulsa Garden Center, 2435 South Peoria AV.

For the next few days, I will post additional photos from the event. Everyone who looks at their creative table scapes will get at least one new idea!


Unknown said…
What a fabulous Christmas tablescape. Love the theme and the color combination. Cool images too. I hope you won't me sharing some of these in my christmas table decorations Pinterest board. Have a blessed and happy holiday!

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