November vegetable harvesting

We went out early this morning - before my yoga class - to harvest mustard and kale. There is a vegetable lasagna in our future and the kale will be the green layer.

Even though these greens will survive a freeze, they suffer some burning on the leaves. So, there we were in jackets, outside, before 7, with clippers and little pails. The sun coming up was beautiful on the leeks and broccoli.
The garlic is in for a shock.

With the recent 75F (23.8C) degree weeks, it has be coming up all over its raised bed.
Ha! After the upcoming 25F (13.8C)degree nights predicted, it will be hunkering down again. Then, we'll scoop up the pine needles and mulch.

Here's a shot of our little vegetable garden this morning.

Center right you can see the clear plastic cold frames where the winter lettuce grows.

The tree on the far right in the photo is a nectarine.

Around the veggie garden fence and up the trellises, the Austrian peas are getting tall. They care not about the weather!


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