Sunday Tidbits - Serbia's portable planters and this winter's weather forecast

Portable gardening wins a competition - Inhabitat posted photos from the Venice Architecture Bienniale. In the green category, the Serbian entry included traveling planters made of tubing, old cooking pots and casters.

They were inspired by the wife of a Serbian poet who said she wished for a tree that "would run after (her) down the street".

Here's where Serbia is on a map

This is a clever city-dweller, apartment balcony idea. When I lived in an apartment with a balcony these would have fit the bill - they can be made tall enough to catch the sun as it moves above the railing and easy to use - no gardening on the floor!

Click on the slideshow link - Inhabitat's link is here

Also, if you have time, clicking around the La Biennale site is fun - the short video winners include an animated, decidedly black humor one called The Naturalist.

And, now on to this winter's weather
from Gary McManus at the Oklahoma Climatological Survey we get the news that this winter is predicted to be drier than average.

December rain = less than average

McManus goes on to say that overall it is predicted to be a warmer winter due to a strong La Nina event. But he cautions us to remember that this is all about average temperatures and that it can still be really cold.

December temperatures = above average

"Weather will still occur, climate just smooths out the edges. Sometimes those
edges can be doozies, however" McManus said in his OCS email.

I feel optimistic about my winter vegetable gardening!


Interesting. I'd read it was going to warmer than normal. However, that front starting tomorrow is going to get our attention isn't it? Happy Thanksgiving.~~Dee

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