November walk at Greenleaf State Park

A sunny November day is just right for a nature walk though I'll admit that about an hour is what we enjoy - no marathoners here. The camping and lodging at Greenleaf are dated, but for a winter walk, the trails are quite nice.
Water oak or Sassafrass? I'll admit we didn't pay much attention to anything but the color and the size of the leaves as we walked by. Have you seen the site "What Tree is This?" I found it while searching for leaf shape/tree identification guidance this morning. The site is an online service from the State of SC - here's a link to the beginning page that is worth a read.
Greenleaf Lake is visible from the much of the trail.

Johnson Grass is a perennial, invasive weed that makes tons of seed on a beautiful seedhead, pretty enough to attract birds and small mammals to eat it and distribute the plant far and wide.
Here's the walking path - gorgeous weeds aren't they?
 Driving toward home -
.. wonderful sunny early winter days....


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