Before the Freeze - Late Fall Garden

We had a deep freeze - 28 degrees F (15.5 C) - that turned our late fall garden into a blackened early winter scene.
Luckily, I took a few snapshots the day before.

Mexican Sunflower - Tithonia - was a volunteer in the both the flower and vegetable garden this year. Ever-durable - Autumn Joy Sedum - was flowering in pink and feeding butterflies.And, the June planted Renee zinnias brought bright colors, skippers and small butterflies by the hundreds. This was the year of basil for me. I planted hundreds of seedlings for a non-profit fundraiser and put the extras everywhere in the garden for the butterflies.
Over the past few years, I collected asters and many of them are still hanging on despite the hard freeze.
All in all, it was a glorious fall.


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