Sunday Night

Oh, what a glorious day in the garden. After being distracted for a week, there is quite a lot to do to catch up. On the east side of the house, a Monarch Butterfly chrysalis.
Red Russian Kale is one of the few greens we actually enjoy eating. I don't like spinach and most greens are bitter tasting to one or both of us. But this kale is yummy just boiled in salted water.
Red Giant Mustard is blazing hot like a radish if you eat it raw, but cooked like any other green, it is terrific.
When I visited Anne Pinc in Tulsa, she had taken out some King Alfred daffodil bulbs that were in the wrong place. And, she gifted me with a bag of them.

Online, Richard Wagner offered free Amaryllis belladonna bulbs that he was thinning out. So, I asked for a box of them. Take a look at these giants!
We have a few of them in our garden. I'll put these in pots and grow them in the shed over the winter. Amaryllis Belladonna is from Africa but does reasonably well in zone 7.


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