26 October 2010

Salvia in Red

Savlia is one of the stars of our October garden. When so many other plants are becoming brown stalks, the salvias really shine.

Every year I think I should figure out which seeds my friend Ronn started for me 5 years ago. But, when I look in the seed catalogs I can't figure out exactly what to get. Then, by the time the heat of the summer has worn me out too much to care, here they come. Back for another performance.

I've added a few Perennial Salvias each year - at least they were intended to be perennial. A couple of the woody ones come back each year. As soon as the weather cools for good, I'll be taking cuttings of the pineapple sage for next year. I don't want to spend a fall without it.

Mountain Valley Growers is my favorite source for January purchases of sages and salvias.

I love the scent of the leaves. The red flowers are spectacular butterfly attractions.

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