11 October 2010

Cathedral State Park

I'm reading "Blue Highways" and it reminded me of a recent trip we took along a 2-lane highway through the hills of West Virginia.

One of our stops for a stroll was at Cathedral State Park - a National Natural Landmark since 1965. It is a beautiful place for a break during a road trip.

Cathedral is a landmark because it is 133 acres of ancient hemlock forest. Majestic trees, ferns, mosses and wildflowers complete the view.
If you have an opportunity to visit, you'll want to review some information about what plants to look for while you are there. Our stop was serendipity and I wish I had known more. One of the plant surveys that has been conducted is online here.

The entire road is a delight to travel. And, across the street from the park entrance is a restaurant with really good home made pie.

Highway 50 is two lane most of the way and you can count on being behind a pick up truck traveling just as the driver did in 1950. That is to say, at about 45 miles an hour. Sit back and enjoy the scenery.

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