Fiskars Shrub Rake - you probably need one for leaves, shrubs, etc.

Fiskars is so clever. They know how I let vines crawl up into everything. The rake they think is specifically and well designed to be a Shrub Rake for leaf removal is actually a vine removal rake.

  • What they say is also true
    * dig debris from tight spaces
    * light + narrow head that fits into small spaces
    * tapered 1/2 inch tines
    * 8 inch wide rake head
    * flexible and durable resin tines
    * teardrop-shaped shaft = sure grip
    * long handle improves posture and reduces back strain
    * lifetime warranty

And, as a certified short person having a light weight, narrow, long handle, rake is a huge selling point. I can't reach the middle of many of my flower beds so have to wait until conditions are perfect for walking on the soil.

You're saying I should put gardener's paths throughout those big beds - (I know. I read the book.) - but I can't help myself. If the beds aren't jammed with blooming or about-to-bloom plants I have a little panic attack and put something in.

This Helpful Hanna (my shrub rake's name) is under $20 at online retailers.

Thanks Fiskars.


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