Prepare succulents for upcoming weather

Yucca Do Nursery is a leading expert on all things succulent. They sent out an email to subscribers providing tips on preparing dry-loving plants for winter.

The tips: Good air circulation keeps the plant dry. Don't fertilize. Avoid watering too much. Watch for bugs and treat with a combination of horticultural oil, Pyrethrin, and Spinosad.

The recipe they recommend is this - One gallon of water + 1 ounce horticultural oil + 2 ounces Spinosad + 1 ounce Pyrethrin.

Repot agave and cacti in the fall unless you can (and want to) provide bottom heat.

Here's a link to the full article if you want more details.

The photos are from the yard of Tina Logan in Tulsa OK.


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