Pink Stems and Petioles -with White and Green Splotched Leaves

A few of us stopped in at Ted and Debbie's Nursery in Tulsa on Friday.

As usual, I headed for the sale stuff first.
These gorgeous perennials were on the half off rack.

I asked a saleswoman what it was and she said it is a hellebore. No, I don't think so. We asked the other 3 people there that morning. None of them could identify it. One said it's just a shade shrub left over from last year's stock. And, that she has one in her yard in afternoon shade.

Well, being a plant geek, that's not good enough for me.

Anyone have an idea? I'd like to plant them (I bought 2) where they will thrive and become magnificent.


Unknown said…
I think fallopia japonica, the varigated form. I have the unvarigated form " Crimson Beauty", in part shade. It dies back each winter, and forms bamboo-like canes, up to 10 ft tall each year. It is very large and a spreader. I love it for about a month each fall, but beware it's size and spreading habit.
Molly Day said…
My friend Russell Studebaker said the same, Melinda.
He said, "Fallopia japonica variegata (syn. Polygonun japonica variegata). Beautiful, but a beast in the garden. It will colonize your and your neighbors yards, gardens, and other spaces."

We have 3 acres so we are going to chance it.
You only love it for a month each fall? Is it unattractive the rest of the year?
Unknown said…
It looks like a large stand of bamboo most of the year, but in the fall gets glowing orange flowers that cover the upper half of the canes. It's a show-stopper, or a car stopper if it's in your front yard. If you would like, I could send you some pictures, however, the variegated stand that we have in our master gardener xeriscape display garden, has white flowers and stays somewhat smaller.
Molly said…
Oh, that would be so helpful, Melinda.
Just email the photos to
Thanks so much.

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