My Friends the Flowers

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A cool new book, "My Friends the Flowers" is now available. Written by William Lach, this adorable book is illustrated by Doug Kennedy.

It's geared for children from Kindergarten to grade 2, ages 4 to 8.
Each page describes the flower illustrated. For example "Four-O'Clocks are bright and bold, though not before that hour." The illustration of Four-O'Clocks is clever.

In the back there is a Glossary of Flowers that is useful and can be used to help children identify flowers in your flower beds and in public gardens.

Grow a Flower Friend Garden is half a dozen pages of how to grow a garden - tips for children who want to grow those garden friends from the front of the book.

If you have little ones coming for the summer, you would probably enjoy reading it to them and talking them through your similar plants as you walk around the garden.


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