22 May 2010

In Our Garden Today

Calendula officinalis, or pot marigold, is a wonderful beneficial for the vegetable garden even though Wikipedia says not to plant it there. It's used medicinally by some and to color custard, vinegar, etc. Easy to grow from seed in full sun, it prefers the temperatures of spring.

Here's a biennial Salvia, started from seed last year. The size of the fuzzy grey-green leaves set it apart from others. Once we see the flowers we'll be able to identify it. Of course, since I order new salvia seeds every year, the exact identity of this one is to be determined.

Broccoli heads are almost ready to harvest in the vegetable bed. These seeds came from HPS.

Chocolate Orange Rudbeckia - huge flowers on every plant. The seeds came from Ivy Garth.

Most of the seeds started successfully, though I started them WAY too early last winter and many of the plants checked out...not enjoying the conditions I could provide in a record cold Oklahoma winter in a slightly heated shed.

This is Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy, also started from Ivy Garth seeds last winter in the shed.

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