Leeks, Leeks, Perpetual Leeks

Last summer I let one leek flower and go to seed.
Then, I laid the seed head on a bed, moving it every couple of weeks. Leeks grew over the winter from those seeds. The photo below was taken last November.

Today I did a third harvest and took out all but two that will go to seed for next year's crop.

We cleaned off the green tops and root bottoms after a couple of runs under the hose. The tops went to the compost pile. In the house the leeks were trimmed more and the trimmings went into the stock pot.
The perfect pieces from the bottom were sliced lengthwise about one-fourth inch wide. Those slivers were popped into a hot nonstick skillet with a little olive oil, herb salt and a whisper of sugar and cooked until soft.
Tonight they go under a pile of oven-roasted fresh asparagus.


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