I'm In Love With A Radius Spade

Frankly, I have always skimmed over gardeners' complaints and raves about tools. I have a shot shovel, a circle hoe, a few trowels and a pair of hands, what else could I need?

Radius offered to send me a Pro-Lite Advanced Design Carbon Steel Digging Tool with Fiberglass Shaft - a spade - and I was cynical but willing.

Well, now I have the religious fervor of a recent convert - this weekend actually. I took it out to the vegetable garden to see what it could to that my shot shovel could not and it proved itself to be worthy of praise.

The ergonomic handle, besides being a fun color, is perfect for grabbing with both hands. The quality of the shovel's spade is the best I've ever used, though I've already admitted to being a bit of a tool novice.

I harvested lettuce with it as well as planting new seedlings where the lettuce came out. It's a dream to use.

Go figure. Tools to make a difference.
"The PRO Spade is a great digging and transplanting spade with a large sharpened stainless steel blade appreciated by consumers and professionals. Radius PRO Stainless tools feature a large "O" handle and extra-wide raised forward kick for reduced strain, better balance, and ease-of-use.
These tools also include a resin-encased steel core shaft that is virtually unbreakable."

Here's the Radius link.


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