It's a Mystery

Last spring I planted a pack of Fedco Seeds Beneficials Mix in the vegetable garden.
The package was said to contain: alyssum, bachelor button, borage, gem marigold, dill, fennel, Phacelia tanacetifolia or fiddleneck, caraway, parsley, golden marguerite, ajuga, basket of gold alyssum, and Rocky Mountain penstemon.

Indeed dill, parsley, basket of gold alyssum and a couple of others came up.
The entire planting took over a bushel basket sized area but brought the pollinators for our veggies and we were happy with that.

One took over and it's photo is here

Russell Studebaker, Sharon Owen and I exchanged a few emails and decided that it's Golden Marguerite or Anthemis tinctoria. In the spirit of trust and verify, I checked Cal Berkeley's plant site and here it is - Anthemis tinctoria.

The Missouri Plants website has lovely photos and information on it here. They say it is one of the chamomiles grown to make tea.

Plants for a Future says it is also used as a dye.

NEXT Anyone want to take a guess as to the identity of these two?


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