Free Saturdays and a Photo Contest at the Oklahoma Botanical Garden - Northwest of Tulsa

Pearl Garrison, Communications Director ath the Oklahoma Centennial Botanical Garden let me know that they are having free Saturdays and a photo contest that is open and free to everyone..

Here's the scoop - The OCBG website is here. You can find a map and hours at the site.

Photo Contest information -
One contest is on Facebook and the other is a judged competition.

Choose: Wildflowers, nature trail, the tree-covered Osage Hills, native grasses, persimmon grove, boulders with moss and lichen, new landscaping and everything else you can imagine in the natural setting of the Cross Timbers ancient forest and prairie.

The pictures must be taken at the Garden, which will be open from 10 am to 1 pm Saturdays beginning May 1.

There is no charge to enter the contests or to visit the Garden.

Instructions on how to enter the contests are at and on Facebook. The contests are for amateur photographers.

At 6 p.m. Tuesday April 20 Natalie Green, owner of Apertures Photo, will lead a one-hour class on how to take great outdoor pictures. The class is free for Garden members and students. The cost for others is $10.

Please contact the Garden at 918-289-0330 or if you plan to attend. Seating is limited.


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