A Few Tulips - Spring 2010 - Blooming April 12 Because We Had No April Freeze

Tulips are mostly an annual thing here and maybe everywhere outside of Holland. Every year I say I'm not going to put in tulips because they don't come back, spread, make more, etc.

So when my friends who plan ahead get those great summer deals on fall planted bulbs, I decline to add my order to theirs.

It's the late season sales that I can't resist. When Touch of Nature and Brent and Becky's send those late fall sale emails, I'm thinking spring.

Last year I felt like I had finally arrived as a garden writer when Brent and Becky's sent me a box of complimentary bulbs (first and only). This year I felt like I had arrived as a gardener when these tulips from that box returned to grace the garden a second year.

These three photos are tulips I ordered from Touch of Nature's end of the year sale.

My friend Jan who orders in the summer gave me some of these (smarty pants thinks ahead). They won't return but what a glory!
This year is the best ever for tulips and their friends. No ice storm this year and no April 15th or Easter hard freeze. So what's our normal weather? Is it this year or those other awful years? I certainly don't know but we are enjoying and celebrating spring 2010 as the good tulip spring.


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