18 July 2009

Seeds Started Now Come Up Quickly!

The package of broccoli seeds that the back of the envelope said would take 7 days to emerge have emerged and have been transplanted into individual pots. They seem to love the heat.

Rudbeckia hirta is the Latin name of Black Eyed Susans. I bought two new varieties and planted the seeds this week.
The Rudbeckia Hirta Cherry Brandy seeds were predicted to take 2 to 3 weeks and came up in less than a week.
Ditto for the Rudbeckia hirta Chocolate Orange. Almost every one of the 50 seed cups has a green tip in less than a week.
Slow by comparison is the Heuchera Marvelous Marbles. They have not emerged. Not a one. They are supposed to take 10 to 60 days but the way things are going I expect them to be up soon.

Seedrack.com says "Marvelous Marble is the first Heuchera with very short flower stems. It is a gorgeous foliage plant, performing well in spring, summer and autumn. In the spring, the foliage is a nice purple and during the year, the leaves change to green with very distinct dark veins. Creamy white flowers form earlier than other Heuchera varieties. Grows up to about 2 feet in height and width. Zones 4-9."

The white hollyhocks grew to over 5 feet tall and were free of that pesky mold hollyhocks sometimes get. I'm going harvest the seeds. Email mollyday1@gmail.com to get my address if you want to send an SASE to receive FREE SEEDS of the white hollyhock.

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