06 July 2009

July in the Garden

It's time to pull and dry the garlic.

The first bulbs we pulled had to come out so we could plant the Tennessee Sweet Potato Squash plants. Now the tomatoes are getting so big that the rest of the garlic has to be pulled to make room for them. And, so we don't walk on garlic when we tend the other summer veggies.

Then, the next joyful chore is a month of blackberry picking. We only grow the thornless varieties developed at Arkansas State University for our humid summers.

The weed cloth on the beds has been in place since 2000. Over the years the suckers have punctured the weed cloth and tall weeds take hold in those places. Late fall and early winter the neighbors will see us out there digging out the extra plants and replacing the weed cloth.

No end to the fun at our 2 acre health club. Send me an email at mollyday1@gmail.com and let me know what's happening where you grow.

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