Harvesting Worm Castings and Making a Trench Bed for the Just-Planted Leeks

The tiny leek starts went into their little trench this morning. As they grow we will fill the trench to make the white part of each one longer so there is more to roast.

The soaker hose to the left will be run down the center. Leeks cannot ever dry out. To give the plants a great head start, one of the worm compost bins was harvested.I spread out sheets of newspaper in the shade and dumped the bin upside down. Then I tore enough newspaper to fill the bin and wet it down, turned it and let it drip out the bottom holesThen, I broke up the bin of castings to encourage the worms to go to the bottom of the pile.After a half hour, I could sort through the castings, move the worms to their refurbished digs and use the remaining black gold to fertilize the leeks, the Louisiana Sweet Potato Squash and some tomato plants, too.
The leek starts are plants we started from seed in the shed last January.


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