Encourage A Child's Interest in Gardening - No Child Left Inside

Teaching children to love nature, plants, gardens and the outdoors in general is a responsibility we love. Giving a little one some seeds to plant, letting them pick flowers and participate in a vegetable harvest are experiences they deserve. Something so simple can make a difference.

A site called India Parenting mentions the fact that even most parks are too manicured to give children a real feel for unstructured nature as we knew it.

The Children and Nature Network exists to help reconnect children with the natural world. Click on the "get involved" link at the top of the page for tips on what you could do in your community.

The best selling book, The Last Child in the Woods is already in its second edition. From author Louv's site, "nature-deficit disorder" ... has created a national conversation about the disconnection between children and nature ..."

State Legislatures around the country are launching No Child Left Inside initiatives.

Carol Zelaya is writing a series of children's books to encourage a child's interest in nature.
"Emily Waits for Her Family" is a read aloud little volume sure to charm your children and grandchildren.

The Emily the Chickadee series has its own website here.

As we encourage children to live outside, we'll have to eliminate harsh chemicals they might encounter.
Try home made fungicides like this one:
1 tablespoon baking soda
2 tablespoons canola oil
1 teaspoon liquid-soap
1 gallon of water
Spray both sides of all leaves and let it drip down the stems.

Go outside with a little one by your side - you will love the experience and so will they.


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