Propagation and Seed Starting from Friends of Honor Heights Park

Photo: A forest of seedlings grown from one handful of whole black lentils picked up at an ethnic grocery store.
Idea: Don't Throw It Grow It by Deborah Peterson Storey Publishing

Friends of Honor Heights Park meeting 1:00 Saturday Feb 28
"Making More Plants" workshop 2 to 4 following the meeting
Location: New nature education classroom in the old bath house at Honor Heights Park
All materials provided. Free to members; $10 non-members
More information: Martha Stoodley 918.683.2373
The Friends of Honor Heights Park will hold a meeting 1:00 on Saturday, February 28 at the new nature education classrooms at the park.

From 2 to 4 following the business meeting, two gardeners will teach a workshop, Making More Plants. The public is invited to attend both the meeting and the workshop.

Learning how to grow your own plants is a fun and budget-wise activity worth learning. And, February is a great month to start, since cuttings made now can be grown into plants before summer.

Planting seeds is sexual reproduction of plants since seeds are the result of the genes of two plants being brought together when bees, wind and rain pollinate them.

Most of the time we remove our plant’s opportunity to produce seed. For example, when you cut flowers for a bouquet, harvest lettuce for the table, or remove spent flowers so your roses will continue to bloom.

Taking stem, root or leaf cuttings and using them to grow identical plants is called asexual, or vegetative, reproduction. Plants that are easily grown from cuttings include petunia, begonia, jade, elderberry, ivy, grape, poplar, etc.

Workshop participants will learn the basics of both types of propagation. They will plant seeds and make cuttings to take home and grow. All materials are provided.

The class is free to Friends of Honor Heights Park and $10 for non-members.

You can also join that day. Membership in Friends is $25 Individual, $35 Family and $100 and above for Donors.

Please pre-register so there are enough materials for everyone. Register by email - or by telephone Martha Stoodley 918.683.2373.


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