First True Leaves

These are our sugar snap peas coming up. They go outside in the sun and wind on most days. It's still below freezing this morning so I think I'll wait till after breakfast when I won't risk losing their heads.
Also the rainbow chard babies have to go out today so they are strong enough to pass on to adoptive parents at the community gardening event on the 21st. Some of them have their first true leaves.

Is this not the most exciting part of growing seeds?

Sunset Magazine is a "must read" on the west coast, much as Southern Living is required reading in the south, mid-south, upper south, etc.

Fresh Dirt, a Sunset blog, recommends bright yellow flowers for cheering up the country in this time of bad news. Read all about Renee's baby powder scented wallflowers, Erysimum perovskianum, here at Fresh Dirt's entry.

Photo: Our backyard cheerful yellow daff.

Treading Lighter on the Beaten Path has a link to a carbon footprint calculator. Even I could figure out how to use it - before breakfast. Click over and see how your usage compares.

After you go through the process of entering your usage information on the tabs, it tells you how your usage compares with the usage of others and worldwide goals.

When you click on the how to offset your emissions button, they give you 4 options for sending in money. The main page and the Reduce Your Carbon Emissions (2) button has a list of suggestions though.

Is it warm yet?


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