Going Green

Go green and reduce your footprint on the planet.

The Quincy Illinois Library has added a link on their website called "Going Green" and I am so impressed by their consciousness. Check it out here and let me know if your library is as forward thinking as this one.

And, speaking of green solutions, my friend Sharon Owen let me know she was ordering Lady Beetles (Hippodamia convergens) to release in her organic greenhouse at Moonshadow Herb Farm. And, I ordered with her to split the shipping costs.

There were 1,500 in the bag. At least that's what it says.

As soon as I cut open the bag they started coming out to eat all those pesky aphids.

The stuff in the bag was shredded and the little buggers were all through it.

It's been 75 and 80 here but it's still cold up north. Sharon tried to order the Lady Bugs from Gardens Alive but they can't ship while it's still so cold.

So, she contacted a place in California, Tip Top Bio Control, and they sent them.
While the bugs were under $10 the two-day shipping was over $35.00. Yikes and that was for plain old U.S. Postal Service.

We released some and put the rest in the refrigerator to release over the next two weeks.

And there will be babies.


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