February 2009 Warming UP

Well, I don't know about you, but I've been out in the sun the past two days. Only for a couple of hours, mind you, but wearing a jacket pulling weeds, planting seeds and getting some sun.
Even the trays of baby plants in the shed got to come out for a sunbath both days. Ahhhh. It will be spring.

If you don't subscribe to the UCB daily plant email ,Botany Photo of the Day, you are missing out on an email that will cheer you on a cold day. Today's photo is here. I tried to post the picture of the Buddha's Hand but Blogger wouldn't upload it.

Mackey Books has a book called Plant Notes that is for the collectors in your life. Or, for you if you are a plant collector.

Each page from page 11 through 138 is for a description of a plant in your collection. You just jot down the common name, genus, species, description of your beloved beauties and end up with a journal that would be the envy of anyone who wants to know more about your garden. Plus you will have a reference for next year when you can't quite recall all those details. $10 at the link above.

The crocus are peeking up now that the snow and ice are melting. Take a look at the
Crocus Pages at The Alpine House. The photos will make you want to plant lots more crocus next fall.

I hope your garden is starting to peek out green tips and crocus flowers, too.

If you have a little book shopping energy, check out the American Nurseryman sale here.

Oh, and today is the day for the Link Latte at Dark Roasted Blend. Lots of interesting and unusual things to see.


Tessa said…
That journal looks pretty nice- I think I may just check it out. Much prettier than my computer! Things are starting to come up here too- I can't wait for spring!
Anonymous said…
Hi Tess -
The journal IS nice - easy to use and pretty.
Great price and free shipping on top of it.

What are you growing?

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