A Cold Wind from the North

Our lurch toward spring was interrupted today. Yesterday it was 68 and today it's 40, windy and rainy.
Some of the plants outside don't care about the weather. As you can see the raised bed full of garlic is making enough healthy sprouts to top a salad or a bowl of soup.
The wildlife is active emptying all the bird feeders every day.

The garden shed is stuffed with little seedlings popping up and plants growing into planting size.
Sugar snap or sugar pea seeds were planted in trays with individual cells. They will be ready to put out with rabbit proof fencing, the next warm day.

My sister also reminds me that it's time to plant beet, turnip and pea seeds, too.
The next warm day......

Yesterday, in addition to pulling leaves off the daffodils and tulips, I weeded one bed. This is a great time of year to dig and divide perennials so I removed a daylily, divided it and put the pieces in two other beds. Usually the scraps of root left behind make a nice new plant - you don't have to leave any big pieces if you have plans for the bulk of the plant.

The bridal wreath Spirea needs to be divided, too .... the next warm day.

Now that forsythias are starting to bloom, it would be a good time to bring some branches inside and put them in warm water to bloom indoors. Other candidates for blooming inside include branches of lilac, crab apple, redbud and flowering quince.

Is it still freezing where you are? I'm ready for spring!


Wayne Stratz said…
we hit 68 mid-week, now it is back to normal with highs around 40. What is that you mulched the garlic with? looks like pine needles.
Gardeness said…
Not freezing, but cold enough at 40 degrees. I too need to get some seeds in before spring sneaks up on us.
Molly Day said…
Oh, Wayne, I feel your pain. That warm day was such a tease and then back to freeze.
Yes, we cleaned out from under the loblolly pine trees and put the mulch on top of the garlic bed to hold the soil heat in and protect the beds from erosion.

Hi Gardeness -
Seeds are a hobby here for us. We can't count on them escaping the weather and bunnies so we have to start them in the shed or in the house.

Plus, seed starting keeps me going in the cold months.
Sometimes I think it could also be standing under the grow lights as we work out there.

Do you think plant grow lights work to help humans feel like it's spring?
Anonymous said…
Although I knew it had to happen, it was still a bummer when the temps dipped so quickly again. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice. I need to plant my turnips, beets, sugar snap peas, spinach etc. I usually wait until the last week of Feb. I've never started snap pea seeds indoors before. Do you do it to get quicker yields?~~Dee
Molly Day said…
Hi Dee -
How is the weather in Oklahoma City?
I start everything in starter pots or flats instead of in the ground. The germination rate is just so much better.

Also, we have an over abundance of bunnies here. They eat everything as it comes up. Once the plants are larger, they seem to be safer from those cute little buck toothed eating machines.

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