Seed Starting Class at Muskogee Garden Club

I gave a workshop on seed starting today at Muskogee Garden Club's monthly meeting. .
We had a morning with snow and 12-degrees and still 25 brave souls came.

Daniels Plant Food, Botanical Interests and Renee's Garden Seeds contributed fertilizer and seeds for the participants so everyone went home with gifts. Park Seeds sent 2009 catalogs for everyone. Wonderful generosity. Thanks everyone. It was great fun.

Maybe you can see the blueberry boxes of soil. We filled the bottom two-thirds with moist planting soil. Then, we topped the boxes up with seed starting soil. All the participants chose a pack of seeds and planted them to take home.


Wayne Stratz said…
Outside of my classroom I have only taught one workshop, it was at a Quaker Meeting House. Glad this was a success.

I am curious about the donations from seed catalogs. Working at a nonprofit, I may be able to get some donations sent my way. How did you go about it?
Anonymous said…
I wrote to 12 companies, most did not even respond.

The ones I mentioned in the blog entry sent samples.

Territorial Seed sends free seeds if you write and send $5 for postage which I was happy to do.

Two or three companies will donate seeds to community gardens and nonprofit ventures. I think someone told me that Seed Savers Exchange was one of those companies.

Osmocote donated sample packets of fertilizer for another event I did. Daniels was unbelievably gracious and generous, too.

Write to a few companies. I took it on as a challenge and wrote one letter every day until I heard back from some companies.

Would you let me know who you contact and your results please?

Thanks and good luck!
Wayne Stratz said…
Thank you for the info. I think I will give it a try and will pass on my lucky hits to you.


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