22 January 2009

My Annual Catalog List

With some companies bought out, a few disappointing shipments to me and the need to shorten the list, this year's catalog list has changed from last year's.

In this year's catalog list, the descriptions are shorter. If there is nothing noted, the company offers a wide range of seeds, plants and supplies. A company's specialty is identified but they all offer dozens of products.

Abundant Life, 541-767-9606, www.abundantlifeseed.org Organic seeds and seedlings

Annie’s Annuals,www.anniesannuals.com, 866-266-4370 Rare and unusual

Bluestone Perennials, www.bluestoneperennials.com, 800-852-5243 Plants

Botanical Interests, www.botanicalinterests.com Flower seeds

Brent and Becky’s, www.brentandbeckysbulbs.com, 804-693-3966 Bulbs

Bustani Plant Farm, www.bustaniplantfarm.com, 405-372-3379 Greenleaf plants

D Landrethy, www.landrethseeds.com, 800-654-2407

FedCo Seeds, www.fedcoseeds.com, 207-873-7333 Untreated seeds, potatoes

Forestfarm, 541-846-7269. www.forestfarm.com Perennial seeds, Plants

Fragrant Path, www.fragrantpathseeds.com, Seeds and plants from Nebraska

Garden Medicinals and Culinaries, www.gardenmedicinals.com, 434-964-9113 Herbs, native plants

Graceful Gardens, www.gracefulgardens.com, 607-387-5529 Delphiniums

Harris Seeds, www.harrisseeds.com, 800-514-4441

Heronswood Nursery, www.heronswood.com 877-674-4714 Collector’s plants

High Country Gardens, www.highcountrygardens.com, 800.925.9387 Water-wise

Horizon Herbs, www.horizonherbs.com, 541-846-6704 Medicinal seeds and plants

HPS, www.hpsseed.com, Seeds, plugs, plants

Jackson & Perkins, 800-292-4769, www.jacksonandperkins.com Roses and perennials

J. L. Hudson, www.JLHudsonSeeds.net, Hard-to-find seeds

Johnny’s Selected Seeds, 207-437-4301, www.johnnyseeds.com Pelleted seeds

John Scheepers, CT, www.johnscheepers.com, 860-567-0838 Kitchen garden seeds

Klehms Song Sparrow, www.songsparrow.com, 800-553-3715 Peonies, perennials

Le Jardin du Gourmet, www.ArtisticGardens.com, 800-659-1446 50-sample-herb- packet $14

Logee’s, www.logees.com, 888-330-8038 Orchids, cacti, bamboo

Miller Nurseries, 800.836.9630, www.millernurseries.com Fruit

Mischel’s, www.mischelsgreenhouses.com, 800-830-8447 All plants $3.75

Mountain Valley Growers, www.mountainvalleygrowers.com, 559.338.2775 Organic

Musser Forests, 800-643-8319, www.musserforests.com Trees, shrubs

Native American Seed, www.seedsource.com 800-728-4043 Conservancy seeds

Natural Gardening, 707-766-9303, www.naturalgardening.com Organic plants, seeds

New England Seeds, neseed.com, 800-825-5477 Bulk, organic seed

Niche Gardens, www.nichegardens.com 919-967-0078 Bog and wetland plants

Nichols Garden Nursery, www.nicholsgardennursery.com, 800-422-3985

Old House Gardens, www.oldhousegardens.com, 734.995.1486 Heritage bulbs

One Green World: www.onegreenworld.com, 877-353-4028 Fruits from Eastern Europe, Russia

Park Seed, www.parkseed.com, 800-213-0076

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply, 888-784-1722, www.groworganic.com

Pepper Gal, 800-537-5540, www.peppergal.com

Pine Ridge Gardens, 479-293-4359, www.pineridgegardens.com/ Native plants

Pinetree Garden Seeds, 207-926-3400. www.superseeds.com over 900 varieties

Plant Delights Nursery, Inc., www.plantdelights.com, 919-772-4794

Prairie Moon Nursery, www.prairiemoon.com, 507.452.1362 Native plants & seeds

Raintree, WA, 360-496-6400, www.raintreenursery.com Fruits and mason bees

Renee’s Garden Seeds, www.reneesgarden.com, 888-880-7228, Heirloom and new

Richters Herbs, www.richters.com, 905-640-6677

Sand Hill Preservation, www.sandhillpreservation.com, 563-246-2299 Poultry

Seed Savers Exchange, 563.382.5990, www.seedsavers.org Heirloom seeds, nonprofit

Seeds of Change, 888.762.7333, www.seedsofchange.com Organic seeds

Select Seeds, 800.253.5691, www.selectseeds.com Historic and vintage flowers

Seneca Hills, 315-342-5915, www.senecahillperennials.com Plants from South Africa

Sooner Plant Farm, www.soonerplantfarm.com, 918-453-0771

Stokes Seeds, www.stokeseeds.com, 800-396-9238

Stokes Tropicals, 800.624.9706, www.stokestropicals.com. Most zone 8

Territorial Seed Company, 800-626-0866, www.territorial-seed.com

Tomato Growers Supply, www.tomatogrowers.com, 888-478-7333

Vegetable Seed Warehouse, www.vegetableseedwarehouse.com Organics

Wayside Gardens, 800.845.1124, www.waysidegardens.com

Wildseed Farms, 800.848.0078, www.wildseedfarms.com Wildlfowers

Willhite, willhiteseed.com, 800-828-1840 Vegetables

Gardeners talk about seeds, plants, gardens and related topics on my blog at www.muskogeephoenix.com and last year’s catalog list is there, too.

Dave’s Garden, http://davesgarden.com/products/gwd/, has a directory of 6,600 mailorder companies with opinions from gardeners around the country.


Pat said...

We don't have a catalog because it has been cost-prohibitive for us, but we do have a great selection of herbs, select perennials and natives. Check out www.possumcreekherb.com and see what you think.

Wayne Stratz said...

thanks for the list, however, I am about done for this year. Seed catalogs are like independent bookstores... I wish I had the money to support them all.

Martha said...

Hi Pat -
I took a look at your site. Nice selection of plants but no seeds!
I'll keep you in mind for plants. Thanks for dropping by to tell us about Possum Creek.

Wayne -
I'm about done for this spring, too. I was hoping you would say where you buy your seeds and plants. Only local stores? Mail order?

Wayne Stratz said...

Johnny's, Seed Savers, Territorial, and Pinetree Gardens get most of my seed business. I also get some flower seeds from Thompson and Morgan because they send the catalog so nice and early and because of their large selection

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Martha, that's still a good list. I haven't ordered all my seeds yet. I plan to do it today. I did buy some seeds at TLC, and I have some from Botanical Interests.~~Dee