13 January 2009

Garden Notes from B B Mackey Books

This little volume from B B Mackey Books is the right way for people like me to start keeping track of gardening activities.

Cleverly enough "Garden Notes This Year" is organized by week but the year is not specified. Each week has places to enter Events this week; Seeds or plants planted or acquired, Tasks done, things to do; Weather, etc.

Each week has one page, two sides. There are a few artistic sketches scattered around some of the pages but not so much art that it overwhelms the writing space.

The book has a beautiful cover as you can see above. It's 6-inches by 9-inches - handy size for carrying with you. And, an easy size for stacking from year to year.

It costs $9.95 and is free of shipping charges from B. B. Mackey Books. Contact Betty Mackey at bbmackey@prodigy.net, 610.971.9409 and www.mackeybooks.com, gift cards enclosed as requested.

There are other titles of interest on the site. In particular, how about a $10 CD on papercrete trough construction. Well, that's one of the many that interest me.


Dee/reddirtramblings said...

It does look good. Sometimes, simpler is much better. My Lee Valley is giving me anxiety it's so complicated.~~Dee

Martha said...

It's beautiful in its simplicity and looks possible to keep up with.

Nicely done.