Gardening Is Part of Muskogee's Wellness Initiative

The Health Department held a wellness event at Muskogee's Arrowhead Mall, yesterday.

To bring potential community gardeners to the table, we put together a little display with plants, freebies, a sign up sheet and a survey.

The box in the back held Osmocote Plant Food samples and informational brochures.

The basket held free seeds from Botanical Interests and Renee's Garden. The papers on the table were coupons for Renee's seeds and seed starting booklets from Botanical Interests.

Muskogee's Wellness Initiative hopes to get more neighborhoods involved in growing vegetables and fruits for their family. The exercise of gardening is a good way to improve health and having vegetables on the table is always a good thing.

Everyone involved considered the event a success. Thanks again to the generous donors!


Can you come and do this in Chicago too? We could use something like this.
Anonymous said…
Oh, Chicago must be brimming with people who could do this type of event for the citizens.

Little Muskogee OK has only 40,000 people. Though we do have a huge heart and a lot of citizens who enjoy sharing their time and talents.

It looks like there will be at least half a dozen community gardens coming out of our efforts to support neighborhoods in getting started.
Sally said…
Congratulations on your successful event! I hope the freebies get put to good use and the gardening population of Muskogee increases.
Anonymous said…
Thanks, Sally - Gardening seems like such a win-win in a down economy.

Pretty up the home space to spend more time there.

Grow salad greens to save money.

Grow melons on a fence or trellis.

Grow pumpkins after the melons fade.

Put in chard and kale in August.

Plant a tree to shade the west side of the house.

It's all good.

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