Hanging Basket - One-Fourth of a Ton

Susan Appleget Hurst, Sr. Assoc. Editor, Garden, Better Homes & Gardens
gave us a heads-up about the world's largest hanging basket.

It's 20 feet by 10 feet and holds over a hundred varieties of plants.

Erected by winch to celebrate the opening of a hotel in Paddington, Great Britain, the Daily Mail's readers were more concerned about what would happen if it fell.

There are more photos and details at the Daily Mail. Click here to see more.

No matter what challenges I havc, trying to tame 2.7 acres, this hanging basket will remind me that it could be bigger.

On the practical side, I wonder how they water that thing and how much water it takes. And, what about passers-by who are coming to register at the new hotel and have no idea what is 25-feet over head.


Sunita Mohan said…
Whoa! I wouldnt like to be caught standing under that giant !
Anonymous said…
wow look at those hanging baskets!! I dont know what is up with today as earlier I came across the 10 biggest chandeliers in the world; and now baskets!
Anonymous said…
It is hard to complain much when one new oddity of the world is the biggest flower growing container.
Sunita Mohan said…
There's a lady actually standing in it! I didnt notice that till now. This basket must've been a real labour of love!

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