Spicebush Butterfly Caterpillar

The daylily pictured came with us when we moved from the west coast to Oklahoma and has bloomed reliably every year no matter what weather Mother Nature provides.
This little guy or gal spicebush swallowtail butterfly caterpillar was on a spice bush I just bought in order to attract spicebush butterflies.
You have to be amazed by their finding the plant within a few weeks after its arrival. And, by the way, what a strange looking little thing with the eye markings. Double click to see more detail.

We had almost an inch of rain, thankfully. All those seedlings for the garden tour sale are getting the right stuff for June 9th. The lavender flower is a pole bean I bought from an Italian seed company. I'm not impressed by their germination rate - about 50% in our garden. We shall see how they produce. In the meantime the flowers are very pretty moving up the trellis.

The poppies are already making their seed heads for next year, the blackberries continue to make hundreds of flowers a day, new flowers bloom every day.

I planted several bulbs from Old House Gardens that were new to me and one or two have bloomed proving that adding new plants is a good thing for renewing one's interest in gardening.
Also, have to confess to buying arum from the Brent and Becky's Bulb's 50% off sale today. Some things are too good a deal to pass up.
Hope your gardens are bursting with excitement, too.


Anonymous said…
I have a question my Japonica needs to be pruned when is the best time to do this?
Molly Day said…
Thanks for the question.
Pruning timing is a complex question so I made it a blog entry. Hope it helps. If not, send me more information about your plant and I'll look into it further.

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