Mailorder Flower Bulb Source

Before I leave for the International Master Gardener's Conference in Little Rock, I want to give you a heads up about Touch of Nature. There are hundreds of mail order sources for flower bulbs. Some companies consistently disappoint and some always deliver bulbs that grow and bloom.

Everything I have bought so far from Touch of Nature has survived, grown and bloomed. They have sales that are worth watching for. (Right now daylilies are on sale.) The Dutch iris in these photos are ones I bought at the end of the season last fall - 25 in a bag for $7.50 plus shipping. As you can see they are all blooming or in bud. The dark one is Purple Moon; the light blue one is called Hildegarde.

The owners, Bert and Ingrid Leek, encourage customers to send photos so there are many to browse. Information about how to enter their photo contest is online, too.

If you want to be notified of sales send an email to and put your email address on their list.

While I was planting Woodland Phlox from Wild Things Nursery this morning, I was weeding. Under the weeds I found this little guy. Our yard is a shelter for the turtles injured by over-excited neighborhood dogs. Most of the adults have teeth marks in their shells. Lots of babies are born in and around the trees and beds.

The Master Gardener conference should be exciting and I'll pass on what I learn. Happy gardening.


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