May 23 2007 in a very busy garden

Left: Blue and white Larkspur
with rose campion.

Right: Shrimp plant is a zone 9
beauty that will become 3 by 3 by the end of the summer
These are seedlings and recently planted seeds for the upcoming Muskogee Garden Club plant sale at the Centennial Garden Tour June 9 and June 10. Plant seedlings include rose campion, snow on the mountain, love-lies-bleeding amaranth, purple millet, cleome, blackberries, mint and a few others. Seeds that we hope will be up and garden ready for the 9th include teddy bear sunflowers, Mexican sunflowers, sunshine sunflowers, Indian blanket, Berry Basket and Decor zinnias from Renee Seeds and others.

Anise Hyssop is the lavender spire in front and rose campion is the deep red flower in back. They were both started from seed two years ago.

Great gardening weather and welcome rain is coming. It is easy to be an optimist this spring!


Whyite said…
Everything looks great would love to come to the sale there if I could.
Molly Day said…
The plant sale is just a little part of the garden tour - our club's primary fundraiser.

June 9 from 10 to 2 and June 10 from 1 to 5 in Muskogee near 435 North 14th Street.
Come on down.

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