Daffodils, Today's Garden

This is Brian S. Duncan's latest invention for the daffodil industry.
Not available for purchase ... yet . Duncan has been breeding new, wonderful daffodils for 40 years. He sells exhibition quality bulbs to Ringhaddy. (Ringhaddy Daffodils, 60 Ringhaddy Rd, Killinchy, Co. Down BT23 6TU, Northern Ireland e-mail: ringdaff@nireland.com)

On a more humble note, here are some photos from our spring yard today.
Double click on any photo to see more detail in a full window.
Butterfly enjoying the bachelor button patch
full bloom, tight bud and opening bud

Columbine with Nepeta Walker's Low and May Night Salvia

If you are looking for something to do but cannot wade through the water yet, start seeds in pots of sterile soil. Put them outside where they will receive sun and rain. Seedlings can be planted out when the ground dries out enough to walk on it.


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