Brent and Becky's Bulbs, Mid-May Gardening

If you have room for more bulbs, Brent and Becky's announced their 25% off sale today. The email said all remaining summer flowering bulbs are discounted until they are gone. It looks like every imaginable color combination of Caladium and canna lily is on the sale.

In the vegetable bed, transplants of Edamame (edible soy bean pods) are going in where the lettuce and radishes came out. The slugs had to be "treated" before anything could be planted in one little strip where greens were being eaten by something that makes little round holes. The next seeds to go into that spot will either be vining melon or potimarron but the bugs must go first.

The coleus came back!

The shade beds are really taking off after the rain and a few mild days. Tiger lilies given to us a couple of years ago by David Gerard, a friend at the Phoenix, are showing off at over 3-feet tall. They are forming flower buds and will have those remarkable dark orange flowers with freckles.

Also the daylilies from Nelson Myers' garden are spiking tall buds. The 20 or so colors we have do not bloom all at once. They overlap in their timing so the bloom period seems to go on for a month.

The cucumber vines and the tomatoes bought as plants have flowers. The tomatoes I started from seed are further behind but look good. A few of the pesto basil volunteers came up in unexpected places and I stacked little rocks around them so I will not walk on them or pull them out by mistake.

It's too early, but every year about this time have to dig one out to find out that the garlic has not formed heads yet and neither have the red salad onions.

There is a lot going on this time of year in the garden. I hope yours is blooming and popping, too.


Whyite said…
Looks like your gardens are doing well.
Molly Day said…
Hey Curtis - You have a new photo. Is that a giant fern you are hiding behind?

We have been doing a lot of yard/garden work and the results will show up better soon.

I checked out your blog once or twice but misplaced the link. I'd like to see what you are up to so drop your blog address off again some time.

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