watering in winter

During the winter, tree and shrub roots grow out in search of moisture even though you can't see any activity above ground.

This week it would be a good idea to check plants close to the house to see if they need water - it is warm and there is no rain in sight.

In particular, new plantings have to be kept watered while they are getting established. Bedding plants such as pansies will need water and deadheading to keep them at their best. (Deadheading is removing flowers that are past their prime.)

I'm still dividing iris corms - an endless task because I have planted them everywhere. A corm that has produced a flower will never again bloom but the two young corms on the sides can be separated from the spent one and re-planted. They will bloom next year or the year after.

When temperatures drop, dry plants will suffer the most so keep up with watering.


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